Designing Unique Luxury Spaces


A course by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari, Architecture Studio


Combine creative branding and strategic thinking to design singular interior spaces.


Great design is the product of solving real problems with original creative ideas. Matteo Ferrari and Andrea Caruso, two of the partners at Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio, rely on strategic design thinking and a range of inspiration to create singular spaces that are both practical and eye-catching. No matter where you find inspiration, learn to channel it into a design project that has a positive impact and generates instant brand recognition.

In this course, Matteo and Andrea present their unique creative approach to designing for retail, blending their backgrounds in industrial design and architecture to develop impactful interior spaces. Learn their strategies for working with clients, understanding a visitor’s journey, and transforming a store, house, restaurant, or public space down to the last inspiring detail.




Get started on your design journey with Matteo and Andrea. They introduce you to their studio and go through some of their greatest influences before briefly discussing the project that will be done in this course: designing the interior of a flagship store for a high-end fashion brand.

Learn how to compile a design brief that brings together the functional and aesthetic requirements needed to develop the space’s interior. Matteo and Andrea point out some essential things to focus on, including how to analyze a project’s needs, why it’s important to understand your client, and how to transmit your vision for the space.

Leave your analytical self behind and start using the right half of your brain. Dive into the more creative side of the project, using all five senses to define a preliminary concept and craft it into a tangible mood board with unique images, colors, materials, textures, and finishes.

Map out the journey a guest will follow when they visit the space and start developing your final proposal. Begin shaping the idea that was established during the research phase and explore different designs with some simple 3D views. Start modeling the space and the furniture in Rhinoceros before applying materials with Keyshot. Finally, add some details before creating a final general overview of the space.

Matteo and Andrea give you some tips for how to sell or win a project, and how you can use technology and online platforms to put your client inside a 3D space. Finally, see how to make impactful images of your mood boards and learn some tricks for developing a persuasive final pitch.


What is this course's project?

Develop a unique design project for a functional and attractive retail space. Matteo and Andrea will be developing a bespoke design for a high-end brand shop based on a range of special factors. 


Who is it for?

This course is for entry-level and intermediate designers. For each phase of the design process, Matteo and Andrea will suggest different deliverables based on your skills and experience, from true beginner to design professional.

What you need

Passion, dedication, and commitment are necessary to get the most out of this course.


For beginners, some basic notions of drawing are nice to have, as well as some computer skills like knowing how to create a presentation and using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to visualize your ideas. For advanced students, like those in design or architecture, 2D and 3D design software are recommended to get the most professional results (i.e. Rhinoceros, Autocad, Sketch-up, Keyshot, etc.).

Materials used in this course include: a black pen (Muji 0.5mm or similar), an A4 notebook with blank white paper, and some felt pens or ABT Tombow markers in light colors.