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For two years Ciszak Dalmas have been developing a pilot project using food as an instrument of research. Starting from the idea that food carries knowledge, a ‘mise-en-scene’ analyzes and represents the convivial, historical and psychological aspects of the relationship between man and food.

Events: EDL / FEM

Where: IED Madrid / Casa de Vacas, Retiro

When: 2008-2009

Lots of meanings are hidden behind the flavours and the odours; behind the pleasure to sit down at a table or even to cook is a network of symbols and language featuring the culinary science.


Our own body and psychology, and then our education, culture, environment and history are the elements necessary to follow and understand the route to pleasure, since they influence not only the food preparation and presentation but also the visual and olfactory perception and the choice of some flavours instead of other.


Not to forget the existence of often ignored but important elements such as desire, creativity, will and imagination, which transform food into a real language. 

The first stage production of the project was ‘Manicaretto’, worked out together with Mario Sandoval, a young Spanish cook whose restaurant El Coque in Madrid has been honoured by one Michelin Star.


The performance was in February 2008 , during the ‘European Design Lab’ Research Master. The stage production was repeated in the frame of Parque del Retiro during the ‘Festival Edicion Madrid’ (FEM) in co-operation with the Town Council and the Ministry of Culture. 


‘Manicaretto’ is a cross experience. Through a peculiar combination of gastronomy, cinema and theatre, people are involved in an experience where food is used as a means to connect to great many meanings and values.


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