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New concept for the MAX&Co. (Max Mara Group) stores worldwide, counting 500 single label boutique worldwide. Developing of a completely new retail experience, interior, furniture and lighting system. Ciszak Dalmas was asked to take part in the interior design team with Max Mara offices, Andrea Tognon and Studio Pepe. A radically rethought space based on a different approach to design in order to foster a whole new shopping experience. The furniture puts the collections on a stage, holding togheter all the pieces of a look, from clothes to details, from shoes to bag. The pieces are cafted in walnut solid wood, brass and laquered iron. Genuine, freestanding, diverse, functional, with a striking yet smooth and poetic lines.


Year: 2011-2014

Client: MAX&Co.

Address: 500 Boutiques Worldwide

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