The London Nº1 presents The London Ritual, an idea developed by Ciszak Dalmas studio exclusively for the Gin brand. The search of a unique experience is the main concept leading to the design of a new object for the best tasting of the gin&tonic.

Two ceramics shells were designed to cover the original serving glass and isolate it from the cocktail inside, perfectly maintaining its characteristic. Therefore the heat of both our hands and the environment can only slightly affect the temperature of the liquid.

When we arrived in Spain we realized that taking a glass of gin & tonic is something special. In northern Italy, where we are from, we usually serve after-dinner liquors like “Grappa” "Amaro" or “Prosecco”, which have a long tradition in our country. But we don‘t have the same tradition when it comes to serve a glass of gin & tonic. We remember our first drinks in the clubs of Turin, when the barman served cocktails in the typical tube shape glass and barely put two small ice cubes. As we were standing and holding the glass with our hands, the heat rapidly transferred to the cocktail, especially in summer, and the result was that the ice melted rapidly.

I was so attracted by the art of cocktails that I turned myself into a bartender for some months during college. I worked in the hands of an excellent “barista” who taught me the art of preparation, and since then I stopped drinking bad gin & tonics.

Once we landed in Madrid we discovered a new way of drinking this cocktail. We realized that no detail is casual: the cup was big, with lots of perfect ice cubes, and the serving “ritual” was impeccable. This memory helped us some years later to create a new handcrafted object, designed for both functional and symbolic purposes.

In collaboration with BRIDGE:

Photo credit, Ciszak Dalmas and Massimiliano Polles