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Sneaker fashion Brand Hoff recently unveiled his new retail design concept at the flagship store on Calle Velazquez in Madrid.

Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari studio was called to design the interior architecture with the clear scope to conceptualise a space beyond a traditional sneakers retail environment, and to highlight Hoff’s commitment to purity, clean lines and simple geometries in their products.

The brands’ products are colourful and unisex and these features were taken in consideration for the final design. Shoes are the protagonists in the store, the finishes of the interior architecture orbit around these focal points, being neutral and respectful in a soft colour palette composed by pink, grey gradient and pale washed greens tones. The materials, such as marble, stone and lacquered metal are the hard solutions for a soft balance between architecture and products to display. All this, combined with a hand-made resin floor application, conveys a zen-like sense of spatial harmony.

On the main wall, the display solutions elevate the sneakers to a higher formal status, presenting the products as unique pieces, put on special platforms that change in color and materiality. The perception is very intimate and relaxed, in contrast with the urban and colourful image of the products. On the secondary wall, new collections are presented on a simple and flexible add-on metal system in Klein Blue colours, customisable with different messages, signages and graphics.

The store is entirely furnished with bespoke pieces, such as the sofa, tables, props and visual accessories. The sofa is finished with tweed Bouclé textile, similar to a woven pattern. The central area is revolving around two Sepulveda Stone tables, a traditional material of the Madrid region that provides a sense of natural earthiness. The stone finish resembles somehow the limestone and sandstone in a beige salmon tone.

The curved walls are treated with a layer of pink-mauve pigmented cement called “Mountbatten Pink” (known to be the color used for the naval camouflage by the British Royal Navy during World War II). Large mirrors are used in the corners to widen the space and reflect the customers during the fitting moment.

The store is then completed by a green Brazilian Pinta Verde Onix stone used in details such as the display platforms and the logo application in the façade, together with a very recognisable neon sign, visible for any angle in Calle Velázquez.

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