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The collection “Ibiza Rosso Corsa”, in form of a limited edition, will pay tribute to the Mediterranean island, which has become a recurrent destination for the duo over the past years. The production includes three ceramics lamps, three kimonos, and a short video, all created in collaboration with local artisans and creative individuals based on the Island. The result is a mix of fragments that arose from the interest in the fields of archeology, local architecture, and music. All disciplines that in Ciszak Dalmas design practice have been orbiting around during their whole career, as a medium of research and exploration, as well as for “Ibiza Rosso Corsa” and its final pieces, a testimony of the journey in the discovering of the Balearic island and its contrasts.


Kimonos designed by: Ciszak Dalmas, Belanuit, Natalia Martinez, Stella Dalmas

Ceramics designed by: Ciszak Dalmas, Ladio Ceramics

Video Art: Alberto Monteagudo
Photographer: Anne Banaan
Stylist: Maria Rosenfeldt
Models: Charlotte Savage, Jeff Barairo


Year: 23/11/2021

Client: Dimanche Swiss

Adress: Dimanche Swiss

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